Name: Rolf Pilotti

Profession: Singer, Songwriter & Musician

Artist Name: Wasai

Main Instruments & Skills: Vocals, Side flute (Muramatzu), Keyboard

Me and my flute (Photo by Oliver Breu Photography,

I have extensive experience working in most genres of music, from Jazz to Rock and Heavy Metal (see My Music).

I like music of any genre, but my favorite type of music is R&B, Soul, and Funk. However, I can also appreciate good Jazz, Rock, and Pop. Stevie Wonder, Sting, and Earth, Wind and Fire are some of my favorite artists.

I have also extensive experience teaching the side flute and working as a vocal coach.

Do not hesitate to contact me (see Contact Me), for bookings, upcoming gigs or if you just want to tell me that you like my music.

I have always loved music for as long as I can remember and therefore music has been with me throughout my life. My artist name, Wasai, I got during a trip to Malaysia. Wasai means waterfall.

I was born in Kärrtorp just outside Sweden's capital, Stockholm.

I have a solid and comprehensive music education, from Adolf Fredrik's Music School, Bethel Seminary, music school, vocal studies at the Stockholm Conservatory, to graduation from the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm.

I am a musician in great demand. I am, beside my solo career and as one of the members of the vocal group Vocation (see My Links), often engaged as a musician (vocals, arranging, side flute, keyboard etc.).

Me and my flute again (Photo by Oliver Breu Photography,